• Daniil Glushanok Daniil Glushanok Chief Executive Officer

    Daniil has worked in marketing and advertising since 1991. Не has cooperated with the largest Russian and foreign companies in promotion of FMCG, industrial goods and media services.

  • Dmitry Mironov Dmitry Mironov Chief Business Development Officer

    Dmitry is engaged in project localization and working with providers. He is also responsible for attracting investment in Russia and abroad. He has work experience in financial structures and in the area of investment management.

  • Yury Godes Yury Godes Creative Director

    Since 1994, Yuri has worked in the field of information design, creative management and advertising. He has collaborated with major companies in St.Petersburg and Moscow, and has many years of experience with German media agencies. He has worked in the company since its inception.

  • Paul Sazykin Paul Sazykin Chief Technical Officer

    Pavel has worked in the field of software for over 9 years. He specializes in software development methodologies and developer tools. He has worked in the company since its inception.