In 2012, a children’s online project called RolyPolyLand entered the market, which is the localized version of the game “Shararam in the Land of Smeshariki.”

RolyPolyLand is a world of entertainment, learning, games and communication in a colorful, interesting and friendly world. It was created specially for children from four to twelve years of age. The game has no violence, and company employees constantly monitor the safety of the players, which makes the gameplay even more enjoyable.

The game features exclusive content. The localized version of the game has been adapted to include the cultural particularities of  English speaking countries that not only allow children to quickly become familiar with the game, but also help them develop skills that will be useful to them in real life.

Presently, RolyPolyLand has successfully been launched in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and the UK. It is planned that the game will soon be launched in Spanish for players from Spain and Latin American countries.

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Time Spent on the Site
The average time spent in game exceeds 25 minutes per session.

We are looking for the investors, publishers and partners for localization of "Rolypolyland" to different languages.